It can be said that any property is only as good as the how it’s managed! At Prom Towers, we take our responsibilities seriously.

Safety and Security

Exterior Doors:  The buildings are locked at all times.  Entrances are opened by electronic passkeys called fobs.  Access to the swimming pool is also gained using the same fob.  Each resident is assigned a personal fob. Every entrance into the building or pool is digitally recorded with location, time and fob number.  If a fob is lost or not returned when a resident moves out, it is permanently deactivated in the computer.

Unit Doors:  Each unit has an individual electronic digital lock which is programmed by the resident with as many (maximum of 18) or as few access codes as desired.  In addition, for emergency use, all unit doors are keyed to a mechanical residence master key.

Video Security:  Exterior doors, elevator lobbies and other common areas are recorded on digital closed-circuit TV, 24-hours per day.

Emergency Systems: An emergency electrical generator automatically starts upon loss of electrical power and provides power for elevators and common area lighting. Fire sprinklers are installed in all common areas and planning is ongoing to add sprinklers into each unit. Building construction is of concrete, steel, brick and cinder block.

Capable Association Management

Our association is managed by a seven-person Board of Directors which is elected to rolling 3-year terms by the owners. The officers are elected by the Directors.  The property is actively managed by R&E Associates who staff our office part-time and our part-time Maintenance Custodian.  Outside contractors provide housekeeping, landscape, and snow removal services.

Responsibly Managed Finances

Monthly fees vary by unit size and location, averaging approximately $389 per month. Included in this fee is property management, maintenance of common areas, insurance, water & sewer, trash pick-up, recycling pick-up, cable TV and high-speed data, common area utilities, landscaping, snow removal and contribution to a reserve fund.

Total income for the property includes the unit fees plus payments by companies leasing rooftop space for cell phone antennas. Approximately 25 percent of total income is deposited in the reserve fund to pay for future replacement and repair of big-ticket items and for other capital improvements.

Fees can be expected to increase annually at the approximate rate of inflation.