Our property at the corner of Walnut Street and the Eastern Promenade has recently been described by visitors as brand new. It’s easy to see how people would make that assumption. Our buildings were constructed in 1975 but we have completed extensive renovations to the exterior, grounds, and interior common areas in the last 10 years. When new, the property was advertised as the first high-rise condominium in the state of Maine. The buildings are equivalent to a 14-story building in height and their location on a hilltop affords magnificent views.


Between 2005 and 2008 our buildings and grounds were extensively renovated at a cost of over $3.8 million. This included completely rebuilding and sealing the exterior walls to modern engineering standards; all new high-efficiency windows and doors; repaved driveways and parking lots; a new modern entryway; new ornamental plantings; new access and video security systems; and new common area redecoration including painting, artwork and furniture. In 2015 the mail room was renovated and a bicycle storage room was added. In 2016 the elevators were modernized with new motors and all new electronics, controls and displays and the Fire Alarm was updated to current standards. Between the fall of 2016 and spring of 2017 all the roof areas were redone including new insulation and a fully adhered roof covering.

Before (6/14/06) and After (6/14/10) from Portland Observatory

Before (6/14/06) from Portland ObservatoryAfter (6/14/10) from Portland Observatory